Welcome to dungeons and dank. Maybe there will be dragons. No promises.


Who are we?
We’re a motley crew scattered across the US who met by some ridiculous happenstance.

Campaign Intro
_Ten years have passed since a war that involved all major powers of the realm for nearly four centuries. The adventurers exist in a time of reconstruction, shifting power, and reverence of godly beings that offered healing hands in times of strife. Tradition is on the rise and one early summer the adventurers embark on a quest that will alter their positions in the reformation of their realm in ways they never suspected.

Abel, played by Jesse
Malah, played by Mids
Nevan, played by Laurent
Onna, played by Mia

DMed by yours truly, Eve

This map will periodically update both aesthetically and with new information as it is uncovered


surana mids