Avocados and Whiz Kalifa

A tale of a rap battle and a city torn apart.

Dal and fantasy Beyoncé
Onna Saves The Day
Malah approaches
Lute incident
Litur gets sweaty
A human wizard avoids enemy exmentor whiz Khalifa, hunts avocados, ducks in the crowd -the cool whip wizard Anemone
Rap Battle ignition
The gorgeous furry performer Aqua lends helping hand
Litur fails at romance but excels at box shaped excuses
Rap battle approaches the tavern
Nevan and Abel are engaging in the alcohols
Nevan succeeds at knowing approximately something about the tapestry above the bar
Onna Takes A Leap Of Faith over the bar
She knows a lot more
Malah takes note of if too
Elanna takes care of Onna
Everyone orders drinks while Dal and Ereos (I’ll spell it right when I fix this) prep their sweet, sweet weaponized words
Nevan eavesdrops successfully on the conversation about bounty hunters
The battle begins
Lilith is pleased
Elanna is not
Ereoes destroys the battle
Dal is so sad she orders a drink (the mcjesse?) and is taken to bed by elanna. Calls elanna mom.
Litur tries to learn what alcohol is.
Thought he would find out.
Did not.
Spent the night passed out
As the tavern clears, Lilith befriends Nevan and Abel, letting them in on her concerns about the bounty hunters who are hunting a missing person. With her extensive knowledge of all the faces in town, she is able to let them in on the fact that she knows the missing person is related to the two human patrons in some way and that they are looking for this mysterious Nox
Elanna offers the stragglers hospitality and mentions the tremors which Malah questions
Lilith waves them off “they’ve always existed in these mountains”
Something peculiar happens though, and the tremors that occur that evening set the Cenacliffe to crumble, chromatic rays of light ripping from the breaks in the foundation
Murky fluid shadows rise up from the surrounding ocean and begin to populate the streets.
All light is absorbed into these creatures
The only light sources remaining is the chromatic glittering of light spilling from broken parts of the city.
The balcony of the tavern crumbles
Ereoes nearly falls but clambers back up with draconic strength
Nevan, Onna, Malah, and Abel make a deft save.
Malah tries to carry Anemone upstairs, who keeps trying to go back down. Super lit on miracados.
The story pauses upstairs, where everyone is kept safe for now.



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